Properly Dig with a One Man Hole Digger. | Issue No. 02

What do I need to Properly Dig with a General 240 One Man Hole Digger.

Digging holes is a physically demanding job. Before starting, ask yourself: 

  1. Am I physically and mentally up to this task? 
  2. Do I have the physical attributes and skill sets necessary to dig in a safe and productive manner? 
  3. Have I read the Operator Manual and viewed the Safety and Operational Information Video? Do I understand the material? 
  4. Is the machine, including the auger, in good working condition?

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Personal Considerations Include:

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Digging holes is a strenuous activity, and can affect all body parts, including arms, wrists, hands and back. You need to have sufficient body strength to properly withstand kickback and other forces while digging.

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An operator leverages himself to balance against kickback and other forces encountered while digging. Increased operator height provides additional mechanical advantage to react against the forces.

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  Common Sense

 You need to balance:

  • Past experience
  • Jobsite terrain
  • Soil conditions
  • Potential for buried obstructions
  • Auger diameter and digging depth

…to dig in a safe and productive manner.


Strength + Height + Common Sense = Success.

While this formula will not guarantee success, it illustrates that a practical combination of strength, height and common sense are important considerations that work together to help maximize efficiency and safety when digging with the General 240 One Man Hole Digger.

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