What is the Correct Auger Pin? | Issue No. 11

Questions: What is the Correct Auger Pin for use with General 240 and 330H Hole Diggers?

Answer: Part Number 2121 Auger Pin.

Using the 2121 auger pin with the 240 and 330H Hole Diggers is very important to:

• Minimize damage to the transmission driveshaft.
• Minimize auger hub elongation and wear.
• Maximize operator safety…improper pins or bolts can break or snag operator clothing.

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Notes regarding the 2121 Auger Pin:

• Fits both the 240 and 330H Hole Diggers.
• Fits 2135 and 4400 Series Augers and 5500 Series Extensions.
• Fabricated from 3/8 inch diameter, special alloy steel.
• Heat treated to eliminate bending.
• Use of a smaller, 5/16 inch diameter pin damages transmission driveshafts and
elongates auger hubs.
• Do not substitute common bolts! Bolts do not have proper strength.
• Do not substitute alternative safety pins or retaining clips to secure the pin.


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