No Oil in General 300 Series Transmission, BIG HEADACHE | Issue No. 18

Question: What Happens if a General Two Man Hole Digger is Operated Without Oil in the Transmission?

Answer: Lots of Damage!

All General Two Man Hole Diggers use 10W30 or 30 weight oil to lubricate the transmission gears and bearings. The same oil that you use to also fill the engine. Units are shipped from the factory with oil provided in separate plastic bottles for both the engine and transmission.
Recently, a warranty claim was filed for a Hole Digger that had been placed in service only three months earlier. The claim was the transmission was defective.
Upon inspection:
• The oil fill plug had never been removed.
• The transmission had never been filled with oil.
• The lack of lubrication produced significant and costly internal damage.
• The damage was not covered by warranty.
General hole digging products are overbuilt for heavy duty usage and will deliver years of satisfactory service with just regular maintenance. However, for that to happen, it is critically important that the correct amount and type of oil be used to fill both the engine and transmission!


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