Improper Throttle Cable Installation for the Two Man Auger | Issue No. 20

Improper Throttle Cable Installation for the Two Man Auger

Improper throttle cable install can increase the potential for personal injury. FIGURE 1.

The throttle cable installation depicted will significantly reduce operator control while using the twist grip throttle system and could directly contribute to personal injury.

  1. Extended use of this installation can allow the throttle cable to be severed by the carburetor throttle mechanism leading and could directly contribute to personal injury.
  2. Correct installation will position and secure the Part Number 330-0320 Swivel Assembly in the hole provided on the carburetor throttle mechanism. The 330-0320 Swivel Control is designed to rotate as necessary to minimize throttle cable wear and provide for enhanced operator control. FIGURE 2.

To help reduce the potential for personal injury, it is critical for all throttle mechanism components be properly installed and maintained. The throttle control system must be inspected every time the Two Man Auger is turned. Refer to the applicable Tool Turning Tips publication for additional information. Form: GEF16101202.

Check your General hole digging equipment TODAY and every time tools are rented to determine the throttle cable is properly installed as outlined in the appropriate Operator Manual. Have questions or need help? Contact our Customer Service Department for assistance. 1.800.533.0524 or

Remember: Safety is everyone’s responsibility!

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FIGURE 1. Improper Install


FIGURE 2. Proper Install

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