Remove Glued Carpet or Linoleum? | Issue No. 04

What Type of Tile Stripper Blade do I use to Remove Glued Carpet or Linoleum?

Using the proper blade when operating a General FCS Series RIP-R-STRIPPER (or similar machine) to remove glued-down carpet or sheet linoleum will make all the difference between success and failure for your project.

People attempt to remove these and similar materials utilizing the more readily available, flat-type blades. Many times, with very disappointing results.

The proper blade for removing these types of continuous or sheet type materials is a scoring type:

  • This design incorporates vertical “scoring wings” that slice through materials, leaving it in strips for easy removal.
  • Scoring blades are specific for use on either concrete or wood surfaces.
  • The beveled edge faces up for use on a concrete floor.
  • On a wood floor, the beveled edge faces down.

FCS16-1600 Ill

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Part Number FCS16-1500 Scoring Blade being used to remove glued carpeting from a concrete floor. Note how the carpet is cut into strips. The remaining glue can be removed with the use of a mastic removal blade

Without the scoring wings, a flat blade will penetrate under and loosen the material from the floor. But, then there is nothing to actually separate it into small, disposable pieces. That traps the blade under the material. The role of the scoring wings is to prevent that.

Scoring blades are available in a variety of cutting widths for use on concrete and wood floors. They can also be used for any job application for a conventional, flat-type blade.

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