Correct Method to Check Oil Level for the Honda GX35 Engine? | Issue No. 13

Questions: Correct Method to Check Oil Level for the Honda GX35 Engine?

Answer: Check According to the Honda Developed Procedure.

Note: This eHelp! only applies to the General 240H Hole Digger powered by the Honda GX35 engine! It does NOT apply to the 240 Hole Digger powered by the Subaru EH035V engine.
We have received field reports of the Honda GX35 engine not operating properly due to engine oil exiting the air cleaner through the crankcase vent.
The cause of the problem is an excessive oil level in the crankcase. Operation of the engine then forces oil through the crankcase breather vent.

To properly check the oil level:

  • Position the 240H Hole Digger upright with the throttle control in contact with a suitable surface as depicted in FIGURE 1.
  • Hold the fuel tank level or parallel relative to the surface.
  • Remove the dipstick and check the oil level.
  • Replace the dipstick and secure finger tight.

FIGURE 1. Note that fuel tank is positioned level or parallel relative with the surface.

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If excess oil flows from the crankcase, follow this procedure as described in the Owner’s
Manual provided by Honda:

Oil in the crankcase is difficult to remove; it cannot be pour or drained out…it must be
pumped out as the engine operates.

  • Replace the dipstick.
  • Position a shop towel under and around the engine spark plug to prevent oil from staining clothing and other personal property.
  • Remove the spark plug.
  • Pull the recoil starter and expect oil to rapidly exit the spark plug hole. Repeat this step until oil no longer exits. This will eliminate engine damage cause by hydro locking.
  • Replace the spark plug.
  • Drain oil from the crankcase until the oil just shows on the tip of the dipstick.
  • Run the engine for several minutes and then recheck the oil level.
  • If the oil level has increased, drain the excess oil so that the level is again just to the tip of the dipstick.
  • Repeat this procedure until the oil level no longer increases after the engine is run.
  • Replace the dipstick and secure finger tight.

Do NOT check the oil level with the engine positioned as in FIGURE 2. This procedure can allow the crankcase to be filled with excess oil.


FIGURE 2 depicting the improper method to check oil level for the Honda GX35 engine.

The correct oil capacity for the Honda GX35 engine is 100 cc or 3.4 fluid ounces. Refer to the Owner’s Manual supplied by Honda for additional information including type and weight. Service related problems, as a result of filling the engine with excessive oil, are NOT covered by Honda warranty program.

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