How Should a Tile Stripper Blade be Used? | Issue No. 06

How Should a Flat, Beveled Edge-Type Tile Stripper Blade be Used?

Using the proper blade when operating a General FCS Series RIP-R-STRIPPER (or similar product) for any specific job application will make all the difference between success and failure for your project.

What’s the correct use of a beveled edge blade? Typical blades are available in a variety of widths and are very popular for removing VCT type materials (usually 12 inch square) from both concrete and wood surfaces:

  • Can feature both single and dual, beveled edges depending upon configuration.
  • Beveled edge faces UP and TOWARD operator when used on a concrete surface.
  • Beveled edge faces DOWN and AWAY from operator when used on a wood or some underlayment materials.
  • Use of a blade with beveled edge facing UP and TOWARD operator on a wood floor will produce severe damage and significantly reduce machine control.


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FCS16-1300 Single Beveled Edge Blade being used to remove VCT from a concrete floor with a General FCS10 RIP-R-STRIPPER.



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